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80% - 90% density to the ends with unbelievable buttery softness

14" is 50 grams approximate (4 weft per pack or 20 pieces of tape)

18” - 20” - 22” is 50 grams approximate (3 weft per pack / 20 pieces of tape / 1 30" Genius Weft per pack)

24" - 26" is 60 grams approximate (3 weft per pack or 20 pieces of tape)

Genius Wefts  is incredibly thin, flat and light, making it our most invisible weft. This flexible weft can be cut and colored for unlimited customization. No return hair for no scalp irritation, matting or shedding. One 30” Weft per Pack.

Hand Tied Wefts are sewn together by hand. The beauty of Verity Hand Tied Wefts when installed with the Verity Method will lay flat against your scalp to provide the most natural look. -DO NOT CUT the hand tied weft. If the hand tied weft is cut, it will come undone.

Tape-in hair extensions are the most popular hair extension technique. They are non-damaging, lightweight! Reuse our long-lasting Verity Tape-In Extensions multiple times with hair replacement tape.

Invisible Tape-in hair extensions are ideal for the perimeter of the head, apply these with either double sided tape or single sided tape either mixed in with our tape in extensions or apply all over for ultra-discreet seamless look. 


Verity Extensions are 100% pure human hair with single donor for the highest quality and the most luxurious hair on the market. 

Suggested move up every 6-8 weeks

-Replacement Verity Tab Tape is available for move ups.

-Extensions can be reused if properly cared for, see Verity Warranty Sheet 

-DO NOT CUT the weft. If weft is cut, it will come undone


Suggested Number of Packs to Achieve Desired Hair: 

Thin: 2 packs to match the density. 

Medium: 3 packs to add length and density. 

Thick: 3- 4 packs to add density and dimension with assorted colors. 

Short Thick: Recommend the Hybrid Verity Method.

Message us for Custom Consultations.