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: Truth or a true principle or belief of fundamental importance.

Verity was established by the Guerriero family in collaboration with their salon community. With a quarter-century of experience in the industry and the successful operation of four salons, they recognized the need for a product line that fostered genuine connection and honesty between stylists and their clients.
Drawing from firsthand insight into the challenges stylists encounter and fueled by a genuine passion for client satisfaction, we embarked on a journey to develop a hair care and extension line that caters to the needs of both stylists and their clientele.

Devoted to Changing the Standard

Devoted To Changing the Standard

Verity is a collective creation, crafted with everyone in mind. Our collections are meticulously designed to seamlessly adapt to daily routines and treatment needs. And let's not forget, our heavenly scents cater to both women and men alike.

We NEVER test on animals. We only test on hairstylists!

*Plant based proteins


Angela and Nick Guerriero _ Verity Hair

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Angela & Nick Guerriero


Verity Hair _ Jayde Guerriero _ Master Educator

Jayde Guerriero

Master Educator

Dylan _ Verity Hair _ Sales

Dylan Guerriero


Verity Hair _ Nicole Master Educator

Nicole Reynolds

Master Educator

Verity Hair _ Sam _ Master Educator

Samantha Mettler

Master Educator

Alice _ Verity Hair _ Master Educator

Alice Tolento

Master Educator

Verity Hair _ Kara Sale Manager

Kara Johnson

Sales Director

shawna_holdridge-Verity Hair Product Coordinator

Shawna Holdridge

Product Director